CRM Architect Plans

Generate Leads. Close Deals. Support Customers.

Automate Marketing

We have a system of 8 parts that will simplify your marketing and help you focus on automating your workflow. In addition, our Marketing Automation Guide will organize your marketing activities.

Automate Sales

Any sales process can be turned into an online sales blueprint helping you to automate the process and deliver consistency to your customers. Consistency builds long-term value for your business.

Automated Systems

We deliver Automated Systems (AS) that will help you systematize your business. By documenting your systems and automating your workflows you'll add value to your business creating a verifiable asset that's sellable to interested investors.

The Stack

Stack up, stick together and smooth out your workflow.

CRM Software

Sales, Marketing and Service functions don't need to be in separate softwares. Upgrade your Customer Relationship Management with our customer relationship management system.

SOP Software

Without standard operation procedures your business is bound to fail. Take our defined SOP system for increasing the consistency in your business. Using our Dobbs Star Rating sytem.

Database Software

Small and Medium Businesses all over the globe have disfunctioning operations. With no central database or a way to operate one, their business records are missing. We solved it. You're welcome. 

Sell & Market like Fortune 500

All-in-one CRM. Sales, Marketing and Service. Custom Built Systems.

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Custom System Plans and Build is $2,500 per user, one-time fee