Automated Business Systems (ABS)

Sales Stack. Marketing Stack. Service Stack. Integrate Systems

Marketing Stack

Your marketing stack may consist of softwares that you manage Dashboards, Contacts, Social Media, Landing Pages, Forms, Campaigns, Reporting, and Communications. Integrating marketing softwares will unify your system and increase productivity in your organization.

Sales Stack

Your online sales process will require a collection of softwares that perform specific functions to carry out a sale online. For example, your CRM software can be integrated with Marketing Automation, Inventory Management, Billing, Communications, and HelpDesk to form your Sales Stack (an integrated stack of softwares).

Integrate Systems

Documenting your processes will help you transfer information from one software to next when your team is carrying out steps to your systems. For each function in your business you want to have a system for carrying out the steps and duties to get those jobs done. That's where Integrated Sytems comes in to play!